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About Meditech

The company was established and incorporated in 1987 by our chief executive Mr Muhammad Saleem Sheikh. During the course of the last 26 years our company’s product line has been specialised medical equipment. Today, Meditech is well known for specialities in Infant Care Equipment (Incubators, Warmers, Resuscitation Trollies, etc.), Anaesthesia (Machines, Ventilators, Vaporisers, etc.), Cardio Aid/Cardiac Care, ICU/CCU Equipment, Medical and Aesthetic Lasers, Hospital Waste Management and Incineration and more.

The CEO and Board of Directors are based at the Main Corporate Office in Lahore, Pakistan, branch offices with fully equipped workshops in other major cities such as Karachi, Rawalpindi/Islamabad and Peshawar. The CEO, Directors and Sales/Service managers travel to participate in exhibitions, seminars, sales and service training courses in order to stay in touch with the latest advancements in medical equipment, market trends and to keep up with the competition.

With about 40 years of experience in the medical equipment business as a whole, Meditech is one of the largest companies in Pakistan. You can be sure to find our presence in any hospital in Pakistan today. With a special emphasis on maintaining quality through our products and after sale services our sales/service managers are always available for consultations and pay regular visits to hospitals. The end user rate our internationally acclaimed products as ‘top of the line’ and our service/after sale support as ‘prompt’.